Editorial—A COVID Mother’s Day

This is one of those social distancing times that people are going to notice, and, sadly, I expect we’ll see a spike in deaths in four to six weeks that will coincide with those who just didn’t believe that the virus is all that bad.

And the results will be too tragic for even schadenfreude, but may drive home the reality of our situation.

So what are you doing for Mother’s Day?  I found a place that does e-gift cards for a variety of restaurants, in particular, one that my mother and I would occasionally go to on our own.  Dad didn’t come, he didn’t like chicken.

It didn’t happen very often, but I remember it specifically because of that, and thought it might make for a gift that holds some sentiment, even as it remains practical in our new era.

Which brings me to this issue.  Our new era may be showing how some of our old expectations may not work, or even be damaging to us.  So our feature article this week takes a look at the side hustle phenomena.  We’re all at home, so, for some reason, we’re all expected to be spending this time developing some sort of new skill or side hustle or we’ve just been wasting the time, right?  But is such an expectation truly realistic while we’re also dealing with the reality that is COVID-19?  “Hustle Culture” digs into the issue.

And on the issue of sentiment and restaurants, the Porkpie Hat this week was a challenge for me, as I’ll tell you right now, you won’t be a better person for reading it.  You won’t take away any ideas to improve your life, or even any meaningful insights that might have implications in how you think or act later on.  But I urge you to read it anyway.  It creates an image in your head so vivid you can almost taste it, even if you’d rather not.

I also want to direct your attention to the Fly on the Wall, continuing his look at May Day from last week, this week moves into a more vivid look at the connections of May Day, non-conformity, labour movements, and, of course, you at AU.  It’s a bit of a route dragging that all together, but worth the read nonetheless.

Finally, a note that if you’re a regular reader of the PDF, recent updates to Adobe mean that this issue of The Voice Magazine in handy, portable PDF format will be a bit delayed as I figure out what exactly is conflicting with what on my system.  I’d go into it in more detail, but cursing would be involved.  Fortunately, everything you need is right here on the website, whether that’s advice, course reviews, scholarships, imaginative articles, thoughtful investigations, events, a look at Mother’s Days past in The Voice Magazine, and more!

Enjoy the read!