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Katt posts the magic words, “print or digital,” and a lengthy conversation ensues about textbook preference (spoiler alert:  print wins!)  Jesse wonders what the status is for courses with print exams; responders suggest some are still on hold but suggest to check with the course tutor for an update.  Sibylle got dinged marks for following APA7 instead of APA6 on an assignment; what’s up with that???

Other posts include course materials backlog, student email addresses, MAIS, and courses CHEM 218, HRMT 208, and MKTG 414.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “#AthabascaU is thrilled to announce a new partnership with

@GPRC_AB! GPRC currently has 700 online courses that will be migrated to the new platform this summer. Plans are also underway to launch an additional 26 courses online by Sept. 2020 with the support of #PowerEDbyAU.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “Want a chance to get involved with your AU Students’ Union, gain some experience, and make a bit of extra cash? Apply to sit on the AUSU Finance Committee! Deadline to apply is May 8, 2020 at midnight MT.”