Course Exam—ADMN 100 (Introductory Quantitative Skills for Business)

Course Exam—ADMN 100 (Introductory Quantitative Skills for Business)

ADMN 100 (Introductory Quantitative Skills for Business) is a three-credit introductory business and administrative studies course that was designed to build skills that will help students succeed in the online learning environment in all key business areas.  It’s designed for students who want to upgrade their quantitative skills to the level required to enter a typical degree program in business or economics. In addition to a review of basic arithmetic, statistics, and algebra, students will become familiar with the mathematics of business, management, finance, and investment. ADMN 100 also includes an introduction to the basics of accounting.

This course has no prerequisites. ADMN 100 is recommended as an entry level university course designed to develop business math skills to prepare students planning to pursue a business program. It is not available for challenge.

Introductory Quantitative Skills for Business is made up of ten lessons and ten quizzes (one for each lesson) weighing ten percent each. The ten lessons within this course cover several different topics, including a review of arithmetic, review of basic algebra, linear systems, simple interest, compound interest, accounting, annuities, and much more.  To receive credit for ADMN 100, students must complete one online quiz for each of the ten lessons in the course. The course composite grade (the average of the grades you achieve on all ten quizzes) must be at least a “D” or fifty percent. ADMN 100 has no final exam.

Students should note that the textbook for this course is an electronic e-textbook. A print version of the e-textbook may be available for purchase from the publisher through a direct-to-student link provided on the course website. This is a custom publication, so there may be significant delays in receiving the book after you order it. Because it is a custom publication, acquiring the textbook on your own may not be possible. Furthermore, a Texas Instruments BA II Plus calculator is included in your course package.

Ryan Miller is currently enrolled in Athabasca University’s Bachelor of Management program and has taken ADMN 100.  He enrolled into AU in December of 2018 and is almost half done.  He explains that he enjoys AU for many reasons, stating “I have access to my studies anywhere, I can write online exams from the comfort of my home anytime.  It is super flexible with me, being as busy as I am working full-time and involved with my family.”

When asked to explain ADMN 100 to students, Ryan explains that “This course is great for students that do not have very strong math skills or have forgotten all their math from the past.  This course is also great to boost your GPA. I am pretty strong at math so I did not find it super difficult. The course covers all types of math anywhere from algebra, linear equations, and accounting. ADMN 100 is a great math refresher for everyone it will help you when you have to do statistics or finance courses.”

As for the structure of the course, he states that “This course consists of ten units with a quiz at the end of the chapters. There is no midterm examination of final examination attached to this course. Each quiz is worth ten percent towards your final mark. 10 units and 10 quizzes total.”

When asked if he would recommend this course to other students, Ryan states “This course was easy in my opinion. All business students should take this course.”

As for any tips or tricks to completing ADMN 100, he explains “If you have a week or two of free time. you could complete this course very quick. There is no need to book any exams, which is really convenient!”

Ryan did not feel that communications with his tutor was needed for this course, as all of “the quizzes for this course were marked automatically by the computer.”

Whether ADMN 100 is a degree or program requirement of yours, the topics discussed above are of interest to you, or you feel that this course would be a good refresher, this course will have you learning a lot of interesting material surrounding introductory quantitative skills for business.