The Point of the Isolated Long Weekend

The typical Victoria day long weekend, for most people, often involves some form of getting outdoors, to celebrate with nature and other people, whether that’s in the crowds at the gardening stores as Canadians get ready for planting and growing season, or out to the campground to enjoy the warm spring with friends and family.

This won’t be that weekend.  Many, who are still getting used to the model of working from home will find that it’s hard to think of a long-weekend when you don’t go into work on the Monday as much different from any other weekend when you can’t go into work on the Monday.  If you’re an AU student, you probably already get the idea that a long weekend is usually just another weekend but with more people on the street.  After all, when you don’t have a set schedule for work, you don’t really think about setting up a schedule for not-work.  This weekend will be one of the first that many in the newly home-officed labour market will suddenly understand what that idea really means.

That in turn often leads people to wondering what the actual point of a holiday is.  For instance, what does the recently passed May Day signify?  Natalia Iwanek, perhaps inspired by the Fly on the Wall’s look at the modern meaning of May Day, explores the history and significance of if in this issue.

As for Victoria Day, our feature article this week explores why we celebrate it, as the Fly on the Wall looks at Victoria day and some of the context and history about the Queen this day is named after, including what we now consider to be the Victorian Era, and how that context can serve to deepen our understanding of what we’re doing here at AU—especially if we find ourselves continuing to study over this Victoria Day holiday.

Also this week, we’re featuring a Beats from the Basement, where Milica looks at 2Pac’s greatest hits.  This one is a bit out of left field for me, as I’ve never been a fan of rap music, whether from 2Pac’s era or more modern incarnations of it.  However, after reading her review, I have to admit it’s got my curiosity up.  Perhaps it will do the same for you.

Also this week, we’ve got a recap of what happened during the Annual Member’s Meeting for AUSU, and a brief summation of the Annual Report now available on AUSU’s site.

But that’s not all, we’ve also got advice on everything from how to eat healthy during the pandemic, creative writing, studying, workplace issues, plus scholarships, course reviews, recipes, events, news and more!

Enjoy the read!