Hike Recommendations Near Canmore

Hike recommendations near Canmore

With the re-opening of provincial parks within Alberta, I’ve had the opportunity to visit some of the province’s incredible provincial parks.  Over the long weekend, I went on a solo hike through the Peter Lougheed Provincial park in Canmore, Alberta.  Despite the mountains being a popular hangout location, I steered clear of the visitors and took the paths less travelled.

As the parks within Alberta and across Canada begin to open to local residents, it may be an option to visit the outdoors for a change.  Having not visited the gym for months, I opted for simpler hikes that don’t require any scrambling near the peak.  Here are some of my favorite easy hiking trails near Canmore.  Remember to keep at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and other park visitors.

Grassi Lakes: This is one of my favorite short hikes in the Kananaskis region.  The views are unparalleled and only boasts about 2 km worth of uphill walking.  The incline is less steep than some of the other recommendations here and can be a great solo or family hike (for those living in the same household).  Hikers are rewarded with not only an astonishing view of the bow valley but also two grand lakes at the peak.  Both lakes feature aquamarine-clear glacial water that add breathtaking color to the scenery.

Barrier Lake: this popular hike features a 7 km trail that on average takes about 2-3 hours for ascent.  The trail is pebbly and wet at this time of the year so rain boots or waterproof footwear is highly recommended.  At the foot of the mountain sits a wide-spanning lake that also serves as a hydroelectric generator.  Near the peak, guests get a panoramic view of the lake surroundings with the grandeur of nearby snow-capped mountains.

Upper Kananaskis: This hike was one of my favorites due to the customizable options guests have during the hike.  Throughout the initial portion of the hike, a grand view of the upper kananaskis lake can be seen between the trees.  Little gems along the way include waterfalls, bridges that make the overall hike enjoyable and pleasantly surprising.  Towards the end of the hike, visitors are greeted by Rawson lake, a beautiful aquamarine pool cradled by nearby mountains.  In the summer, I often take up the challenge of hiking up to Sarrail Ridge which offers a more difficult but rewarding route with higher elevation.

Troll falls: For those looking for a flatter hike with no sharp inclines, troll falls offers an enjoyable route through small creeks and sparse forested areas.  The waterfall at the end of the hike is unique with its rocky surroundings.  The hike is perfect for families with small children or those looking for a laid-back stroll in the outdoors.

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