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Raiza wonders if AU offers student loans; responses say look to AU for scholarships and to government bodies for loans and grants.  Amber had an unexpected result from a BIOL 204 home lab experiment; other students reply they’ve had similar results and it was okay.  Kayla seeks input on whether to withdraw from a course; other students advise to persevere and get an extension if needed rather than bail and pay for a new course.

Other posts include exams on different platforms, letters of permission, course extensions, retrieving unsaved files, degree frames, and courses CHEM 217, ENGL 255, and SPAN 200.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “Did you know #AthabascaU has a Write Site that can help you with your academic writing? Write Site Coaching help students identify individual patterns of errors in submitted assignments, and work with them on improving their skills. Find out more at”

@aulibarchives tweets:  “We’ve been adding more resources to our Pandemic Support Guide to help you in this challenging time. Be sure to check out the changes! #AULibrary #COVID19.”