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Amber asks how to fast-track prof approval for course enrolment before the deadline; a flurry of suggestions follow, including contacting the course coordinator.  Stephanie is hoping to cram several courses into a scheduled leave from work and is looking for tips—and of course other students have tips for that!  New student Refka seeks, and gets, help finding course materials on myAU.

Other posts include changing an exam write date, course withdrawal fee, and courses ACCT 356, CMNS 419, ENGL 211, PSYC 315, SOCI 287, and WGST 301.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “Applications are open for a new Emergency Bursary for #AthabascaU students impacted by COVID-19. AUSU is proud to have partnered with @AthabascaU , @AUGSA and community donors for this fund to support students. Applications open until June 13. #OneAU.”

@aulibarchives tweets:  “Looking for resources for a topic on Indigenous Studies? Visit our Indigenous Studies Research Guide for some ideas! If you come across other sources you think would be helpful to other INST students send them our way! #AULibrary #INST.”

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