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Cindy wonders if good drawing skills are necessary for COMP 232; responses suggest no, but apparently drawing with a computer mouse sucks.  Donette posts about AUSU’s new Peer Course Review platform, plus the gift card incentive for students completing course reviews.  Alessandro wonders who to contact with questions about a course listed as temporarily closed; best guess is the course’s coordinator.

Other posts include a hunt for easy courses, case study vs case program, ProctorU login download, CHEM 218 study group, and courses ACCT 253, IDRL 320, and PSYC 289.


One post asking if it’s possible to do an MBA at AU immediately after completing an undergrad degree, and queries on courses ASTR 205, ACCT 454 and BIOL 341.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “We’d love to know what’s cookin’. In fact, we’re building an #AthabascaU50 cookbook and could use your help We’re looking for recipes from our learners, alumni, and team members to help celebrate Athabasca University’s 50th anniversary this year”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “Our latest AUSU Open Mic Podcast is available! Listen in for a chat with AUSU VPEX Stacey Hutchings on what the impact of the global health pandemic has been on #AthabascaU students, and the steps AUSU is taking to advocate on students’ behalf.”