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Stephanie asks for suggestions of places offering student discounts; a flood of responses with great discount tips!  Sumaiyyah has questions about the funding process; other funded students help out with advice.  Kimberly is curious how AU determines which province a student is resident in, when they are temporarily living in another province.

Other posts include tuition increases, Faculty of Biz program change, course refunds, podcasts, and working full time while doing a degree.


A flurry of questions covering contract end dates, verification of enrolment, letters of permission, and courses BIOL 310, MATH 215, and MATH 265.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Let’s spread some love for the #AthaU20 grads! We’re working on a little video project and need YOUR help! cc: @austudentsunion @AUGSA.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “Want a chance to get involved with your Students’ Union from home? AUSU is now recruiting #AthabascaU students for our Student Advisory Committee, which helps provide AUSU with feedback on various student topics. Apply now!”