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Natasha wonders what’s next after DegreeWorks shows all requirements to graduate are met; responses include a tip about making sure the best courses are considered for GPA.  Janah rants about having to pay exam invigilation fees; this branches out into a general discussion about exam fees and alternatives.  Mandy’s upset over an exam (and course) fail; students rally around to offer support and suggestions for next steps.

Other posts include GPA-boosting courses, re-scheduling exams, course challenges, and the absolute deadline for assignments.


A prospective student wonders if it’s better to attempt one course per month for three months, or tackle three simultaneously.  Meanwhile, another student is still waiting to hear back on a months-old financial aid request; responses include some suggestions for who to contact.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Under 50 days until convocation! Way to celebrate #7? Reach out to thank those who have made your education journey special.  #AthaU20.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “AUSU is looking for a professional & talented Social Media Assistant to join our team! Great part-time opportunity for someone with a background in marketing or social media. Must be able to work remotely on a regular or part-time basis. Deadline Sept 16.”