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Iliana wonders what the pass threshold is for exams; responses indicate it varies by course—always check the course syllabus and/or course manual.  Dana seeks tips on prepping a room for a ProctorU exam invigilation; students chime in with their tips and past experiences.

Other posts include double majors, student email, and courses COMP 200, HRMT 300, MATH 215, and PSYC 200.


One post inquires whether students have to pay invigilation fees themselves; the answer is yes, students using third-party invigilation services providers, including ProctorU, have to pay the invigilation fee to that provider.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “This is a week of celebration. Your soundtrack has arrived. ‘Songs for Walking Across the Stage’ picked by fellow classmates and graduates … so play it often and play it loud!”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “AUSU is proud to announce we have increased our Scholarships, Awards, & Bursaries program! We have more total awards available, and also increased our New Student Bursaries value. Applications for our Fall awards cycle open up Oct 1. Stay tuned!”