Dear Barb—Weed Pandemic

Dear Barb:

 I have been smoking weed since I was a teenager, and I’m now in my thirties.  I am a fully functioning person.  I just graduated from AU and I am getting married as soon as we can have a wedding where we can invite our family and friends.  Unfortunately, since they are now talking about the second wave, I don’t think that is going to be happening any time soon. 

Since the lock down in April I noticed that I am smoking more pot.  My fiancé who is a nurse is getting upset with me and says I shouldn’t be smoking because corona virus affects the lungs and smoking of any kind puts me at increased risk.  People have also been telling me not to smoke with other people, or share my pot with them.  Life is tough enough right now and I am really getting tired of being told how to live my life.  I think people are just overreacting, what do you think? Thanks, Chad.

Hi Chad:

Justin Trudeau announced yesterday that the second wave is here.  Much like you, many people are partaking in an increase in pot and alcohol use since the lockdown in March.  According to The Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper, a Canada wide survey indicates weed and alcohol use are escalating due to living with the effects of the pandemic.  Plus, many people are already struggling with addiction and mental health issues.  Dr. Alexander Caudarella, interim medical director of addictions at St.  Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, describes it as the “forgotten crisis.” Whether you are smoking too much or not, is a whole other issue that you may want to speak to a counsellor about.

There are ways you can choose to share your pot with others in a safe and careful manner.  For example, use a bong mouthpiece or condom.  This will prevent the spread of germs to your friends or family.  Also, it’s important that you clean and disinfect all your devices that you use, including tools.  Another important aspect to staying safe is for you and anyone use are sharing with to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before and after your session, as well as using hand sanitizer.  Also if you or any of your friends are feeling sick, don’t smoke, and wear a mask to prevent the spread of the illness.  Consider edibles, oils, or tinctures instead of smoking, which will keep everyone safe.  I really don’t think people are telling you how to live your life, but rather trying to keep everyone as safe as possible.  Thanks for your letter Chad.