Discounts and Freebies for AU Students

We all know that being a student can be an expensive investment, but did you know that there are lots of discounts and free resources that AU has made available for students? So make sure you are utilizing these resources! Here are my top 5 that I use regularly.  Just click on the title of what you want to see more.

Amazon Student Prime

With the new normal, online shopping has become the newest trend.  Whether it is shopping for groceries, stationary, or clothes, shopping online is just so convenient and fast! Did you know that you can sign up for Amazon Student Prime? To do so, you can either use your Athabasca Student email—simply link it to your Amazon account—or scan a copy of your Athabasca Student ID and email it to Amazon Student Prime and get it set up.  For those who do not have an Athabasca Student ID card, that is also free! Amazon Student Prime is everything that comes with Amazon Prime, free shipping, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime TV & Movies, all for half price, how awesome is that?  (And right now, you even get six months free when you first sign up!)

Apple Student Music

Personally, I am a huge music lover.  I listen to music during my spare time, while I work, while I cook, and basically anytime you can think of.  I also love trying new music, and I have tried several different platforms to figure out which one works best for me.  For anyone who owns an Apple device, Apple offers student discounts for purchasing new products, and their Apple Student Music plans.  Similar offers are also available for those with Android devices.  The first time you subscribe, you can get up to 6 months of free music! Afterwards, it costs around $5 per month (half the regular price with your student discount).  You get unlimited access to brand new music.  I use this opportunity to download all my favorite K-pop songs.

LinkedIn Learning

For all AU undergraduate students, we also have access to LinkedIn Learning for free.  LinkedIn Learning is incredibly useful, as it has many videos for a wide range of topics including work related topics such as resume building, career development, learning programming languages, and much more.  The videos are incredibly in-depth and are taught by experts.  Many of the videos also provide assignments for you to try to learn by yourself.  I used LinkedIn Learning for one of my Java courses where I had trouble understanding the textbook, it was incredibly helpful to have someone teach you the content through a PowerPoint presentation.  I definitely recommend you try it out.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is an essential tool for everyone, but if you are an AU student, you can download it for free.  Athabasca University provides students with Office 365 ProPlus for Window Users which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business.  For Mac Users, it provides Office 2016 which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.  I recommend you use this free resource.

VMock Free Resume Review

We all know that resumes play an important part when applying for jobs.  VMock is a free resume review website that provides 24-7 services with instant and personalized feedback.  I have used similar services in the past, and currently using this to edit my resume.  I find it incredibly helpful and recommend you give it a try.

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