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Donna rants about e-texts, particularly the roadblocks to printing out a hard copy; responses suggest many students share that frustration.  Ash encounters difficulty switching tutors; responses suggest contacting Learning Services or the Ombuds Office.  Dustin can’t connect with a former AU email address; a quick response points out the right direction.

Other posts include MATH 215 study group, flashcards, resume-writing program, MuchLearning exams, and courses HLST 200 and  IDRL 215.


One post asks about the feasibility of completing TELUQ courses, which are cheaper for QC residents, then transferring them to an AU program; a responder indicates it’s possible, with limitations and cautions.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Powered by @10kcoffees, Alumni Connect allows @AthabascaU

students and graduates to share experiences, knowledge and wisdom to make the path ahead a little easier. Sign up for a virtual coffee today: #AthabascaU #mentorship #canpse.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “It’s true, our November Awards & Bursaries period has passed. But you still have year-round bursaries available anytime! Check them out here: #postsecondary #awards #scholarships #bursaries #athabascau.”

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