Crepe Maker Review

I recently had a craving for crepes and borrowed a crepe marker from my parents.  Little did I know that it would be one of the handiest and space-conserving kitchen appliances I’ve used.  If you’re a fan of changing up your dinner or breakfast routines, crepes are an excellent way to bring flavor to your meals.  I love how versatile crepes are and the ease in which it could be customized to either savory or sweet flavors.

For myself, I never had a sweet tooth, so savory crepes have always been my go to.  After struggling to make crepes using a shallow pan, I decided to borrow my parents’ favorite kitchen appliance.  My parents purchased this crepe maker from Amazon after reading many reviews online.



I gave functionality a three-star because functionally, the crepe maker is quite distinct in that it’s ideal only for crepes.  Despite this, I tried to cook some toppings such as mushrooms, sprouts and sausages on it, it did not cook as quickly as I had hoped.  It is much faster using a full-sized stove instead.  However, the crepe maker does make excellent thin crepes that can be customized to your liking.  The crepe-maker has two settings including a clear and dark option that enables you to create crepe that is translucent in texture or opaque.  The dark crepe cooks faster whereas the translucent can take much longer.



This crepe maker is simple to clean and has a Teflon coating that makes the cooking surface non-stick and simple to scrape using a rubber or wooden spatula.  The cooking surface is closed off and there are no cracks that can cause it to leak through.  The exterior is plastic and can be wiped down using some soap and water.



Depending on how long you spend preparing your meals, you may find the crepe maker less convenient compared to some other cooking methods I’ve written about.  For example, the air fryer is convenient to use because after placing my mildly seasoned thawed chicken legs in the container, I could walk away for 20 minutes before my meal was ready to serve.  However, with the crepe maker, I would have to stay by the cooking surface to avoid a burned meal and potential fire hazard.  For that reason, I’ve given the convenience a three-star performance.  Moreover, the 1200 wattage of this appliance makes cooking crepes a longer process than using your stovetop.



If you’re not a big fan of crepes and only occasionally have a craving, it may be more worthwhile to purchase read-to-serve ones.  For myself I find that I can get more usage out of the crepe maker if I also enjoy preparing other ethnic dishes such as green onion cakes, taco shells or Indian parathas.  The cooking surface does allow for versatility, but if you’re looking for a fast and convenient cooking appliance, the crepe maker may not be my first pick. X

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