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AthaU Facebook Group

Group admin adds a few units to facilitate posts on recurring topics, like e-texts and exams.  Jennifer shares experiences with ProctorU’s tech difficulties during an exam; responses offer similar stories and also suggestions.  Jesse wonders how soon a missed exam must be re-written without having to notify AU; responses suggest the usual 10 day window has been extended to 30 days for now.

Other posts include paying tuition by e-transfer, supplemental exams for funded students, course flash cards, text to talk for etexts, and course extensions for OSAP students.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “ProctorU has upgraded their systems. It’s crucial that you test your equipment well before your scheduled exam. See link for more details:”

@aulibarchives tweets:  “Get your library requests in by December 17th if you want them before the holidays! For more information on our holiday closures see: #AULibrary #holidayhours #DistanceEd.”


Wondering what AU’s re-imagined  2020 convocation ceremony looked like back in October?  Check out the recently-posted 1-hour Convocation Ceremony.