Tools for School and Work

Image of laptop full of sticky notes reminders on screen. Work overload concept image. Coworking or working at home concept image.

Studying, working, and family commitments can be a handful.  Having a good routine and organizer is essential to help us remember and keep track of important tasks, dates, and commitments.  Here are some useful tools for both school, work, and family commitments!


Trello is a project management tool where you can create tasks and cards under various categories and set reminders, list of tasks, and due dates.  It is incredibly useful as you can easily drag and move around tasks and view everything through a calendar as well.  I discovered this through my manager at work, and have been using it for everything since.  I use it for designing a study and assignment schedule, adding deadlines, family commitments, and managing emails and tasks for work.  There is also an app for phones, tablets and even laptop/computers.  You also have the option to access it through the browser.  If you haven’t tried it, I highly encourage you to give it a try.  It works amazing for highly complex planning and busy people.

Microsoft OneDrive

We all know storage is not free, only a small amount of it is.  For those who need cloud storage, being an AU student gives you a large cloud storage through your Athabasca student email.  I use mine to keep all my assignments, notes, letters and documents.  It is very handy as you can access all your files anywhere and on any device.

Microsoft OneNote

I used this back during my first University degree a few years ago, and loved it.  If you’re someone who likes writing on a tablet and trying notes, this is a free app and resource that allows you to do both.  It also offers an easy option to print your notes.  Being an AU student also means you get this for free when you download your free Microsoft Office package.


Evernote has existed for quite some time now and is a very useful study tool.  It allows students to create notes and access them in various devices with the option of sharing notes with others and allowing them to edit.  I used this during my first degree where I had lots of group participation, but this is handy regardless if you study alone or with someone else.


Quizlet is an amazing tool that I use for creating quizzes and flashcards.  For courses where a lot of memorization is required, this online tool is amazing.  It also features the ability to create multiple choices quizzes, written, and options to help you learn the content before you test yourself.

Working from a distance can mean setting your own schedule, making your own study plan, and finding the resources to help you follow through with it.  Hopefully, some, or all, of these tools will help you do just that and complete your courses and degree.