Cloud Computing—A High Paying Career without Post-Secondary?

Cloud Computing—A High Paying Career without Post-Secondary?

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Technology has changed the way the global workforce looks and operates.  It has been decades since we last saw high school graduates find good paying jobs immediately after their high school graduation.  However, big tech is now also threatening to change the traditional learning path for high school graduates which has the potential to have dire consequences for colleges and universities around the world.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.  The cloud computing sector has boomed over the past few years largely due to how it eliminates accessibility issues that once plagued businesses.  Organizations that provide cloud computing as a service to consumers also ensure adequate supports are in place for any and all matters that may arise, which can range from security-related concerns to technical difficulties.

One of the game-changers of this technology is that individuals do not need to have graduated from a college or university to work in the field of cloud computing.  Often all that is needed to start a career in this field is a certificate, which will vary depending on the platform that the cloud services are being offered with, and these jobs are in high demand.  There are various platforms that offer cloud computing services, but the most popular ones tend to be Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google’s Cloud.  When compared to the tens of thousands of dollars it costs to obtain a college or university degree, these certifications are rather inexpensive as they typically range from $200 to $500 for the testing.  Courses for them can be found at a range of quality and pricing online, with some being under $20 when taken singly.  Would be students, however, would be well advised to find reviews of any courses they are thinking of paying for.

Cloud Computing as A First Job

For the first time in decades, individuals with only their high school diploma can secure high paying jobs in cloud computing, all thanks to tech.  When comparing the potential to find a job with the cost of obtaining an education, getting certified in AWS is cheap, yet it provides a starting pay close to $30 per hour.  A year’s worth of work with just a high school diploma and AWS certification would see someone make just under $60,000.  The prospect of having no student debt and a starting yearly salary of $60,000 is one that is too good to ignore.

Are Colleges and Universities at Risk?

Nobody ever imagined a world where Blockbuster would self-implode after the emergence of digital streaming services like Netflix, or how photography giants like Fujifilm and Kodak cameras would be supplanted by the cameras in cellphones.  However, tech is unpredictable and its capacity to change the world in which we live in continues to grow and because of that it is almost impossible to plan around.

While I do not see colleges or universities going anywhere, I do see them missing out on large amounts of revenue by overlooking some of these tech-induced trends.  Cloud computing careers do not require a 2, 3 or 4-year degree, but the path to certification would benefit from a designed learning curriculum.  It would also be a significant upgrade considering that many current pre-exam training systems are being offered by “side hustlers,” who lack the experience in curriculum design.  Keeping up with tech is much easier than playing catch-up, strategic teams have never been more important, and they will determine how colleges and universities react.

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