Books to Start off the New Year

2020 was a challenging year for all of us.  With the pandemic, it has impacted us in many ways and as a result, we all had to adapt to a new normal.  Here we are, starting 2021, still living under a pandemic, however, now with vaccines rolling out, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Let’s all start 2021 off strong and start over, change our lifestyle if we wish, start a healthy habit and keep the good ones going!

New Year is always a great time for us to reflect on the previous year and look ahead.  No matter we have in mind, reading an inspiring book can help us set our priorities and goals!

Happiness Is A Choice You Make by John Leland

Happiness Is A Choice You Make is a book written by John Leland and is compiled of real-life stories of members of America’s fastest-growing age group.  Readers look into the many lives of those members learning to live with new challenges, loneliness, deterioration of body, mind and quality of life, and how they each live their lives with surprising positiveness, lightness and contentment.  It is a beautifully written book reminding us that we all carry strong power to control our own quality of life no matter what age we are.  As we start 2021, this book brings to us a reminder that although the pandemic still stays with us as we begin the new year, we ultimately have the power to control our own happiness.

Becoming by Michelle Obama (Book and Netflix Documentary)

Becoming is a book written by Michelle Obama, and is also a documentary that is available on Netflix for those who wish to watch instead of reading.  The story is a poignant and emotional memoir of the former First Lady of the USA.  For those who haven’t read it yet, this is a must read as it delivers a powerful and uplifting message about preservice and defying expectations that we all can benefit as we start the new year.

Atomic Habits by James Clear

As we start 2021, we have new goals that we would like to achieve.  To ensure we achieve our goals whether academically, for work, or for family successfully, it is important that we have good habits.  Good habits will help us to successfully work towards our goal and complete it.  Of course, we all know it is much easier said than done.  For example, most of us have made a goal at one point of promising ourselves to get more exercise or to avoid procrastinating on an assignment/studying for exam, but it is extremely easy to not follow through.  The reason is because creating a new habit is challenging without understanding the science behind it.  Atomic Habits explores the psychology of habit formation and why many our goals fail.  The author James Clear provides step-by-step instructions on how to successfully make goals and habits work!

Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

Looking for a light and inspiring book to pump you up for 2021?  This may be the one!  Author Marie Forleo explores many life problems and gives you answers.  Whether that problem is how to face a fear, successfully fulfill a dream, or find an answer to what seems to be an unsolvable puzzle.  Forleo gives readers a new way of thinking to solve your problems.  The author brings readers motivation and inspiration even when life gets rough.  This book is a light, motivating and inspiring book to give you optimism as we start 2021!  Let’s all start 2021 with strong optimism no matter how challenging the year may look.

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did) by Philippa Perry

Being a parent is a challenging task.  For all to-be-parents and existing parents, this is a recommended read on what to look for, support, and be a good parent to your children and partner.  Psychotherapist, Philippa Perry writes about essential “do”s and “don’t”s of relationships.  Even if you are looking to understand your own upbringing and how it has helped you become who you are, or seeking to understand and handle your child’s feelings, or just simply hoping to support your partner, this book is a must read.  Perry provides realistic and insightful information and tips for everyone.

Regardless of what your goal is for 2021, whether it is academic, work, or family goals, we hope that these books will bring you tips, motivation and inspiration as you start the new year.

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