Brush Aside Bad Thoughts Easily       

Negative thoughts can be brushed aside, more freely than we realize.  And pure love, forgiveness, healing, and faith can replace that negativity in a snap of a finger.  If only we knew how simple it is to achieve these positive states.  Even during the most traumatic circumstances—the ones where we just want life to end—blissful thoughts can be attained, not just quickly, but easily.

I believe love is our natural state.  Anything less than expressions of love is a growth opportunity, and that growth can be attained instantly—even in the vilest of circumstances.  And this awareness that we are essentially love, albeit on a flawed human journey, can help us feel self-love, despite negative pasts or present-day trauma.  Self-love, or stated differently, self-compassion, not ego, further helps us wash away negativity.

So, how do I think we can brush aside negative thoughts?  We can say no to negative thoughts and choose to heal instead, moment by moment.  For instance, we might be side swiped with some unthinkable trauma, so severe, so devastating, we lose all hope for happiness.  But if we don’t react, especially negatively, but instead think loving thoughts, we could find ourselves on a healing path within three weeks’ time.  The shock of trauma fades, not escalates, when fueled with loving kindness.

We might also release negative thoughts by replacing them with forgiveness.  If a murderer kills our family, it’s possible to do more than grieve (another form of love).  We could grieve but also forgive and feel love for the soul so lost, so tormented, on his or her journey that human lives were taken.  Grief is complex, but forgiveness comes easily if you believe and realize the true essence of our souls, which I think is pure love.  Forgiveness can be possible for the worst crimes imaginable and certainly for the least of slights, even when the least of slights feels like the worst offense or when the worst offense leaves millions of lives devastated.

I believe we can shrug off any negative thought, such as doubt, replacing it with the most beautiful thoughts.  I find it’s so easy to find faith—whether in God, our family, even our enemies—when we simply brush aside doubt, replacing it with unfiltered love.  And we can do something similar for all our loved ones.  When they do a deed that lowers our perception of them, that stirs up doubt in our love for them, just shrug the offense off.  That critical eye is neither intrinsically us nor beneficial, nor is love finite.

And, yes, I believe thoughts can be shoved into our heads unwillingly.  Just look at people who have OCD, bearing recurring and terrorizing thoughts—and these are good people.  We’re all good people, despite the hardships and traumas we all face, fumble over, and, at times, fail at.  We’re all on a journey where self-development, especially during hardships, is our destiny.  We’re all good people, even when some force pushes negative thoughts into our minds or when circumstances pull us onto a harrowing path.  But our true essence is instantly accessible if we just realize we are all beings of love, every one of us, despite each of us being flawed, however severely, on our journeys.