Virtual Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day for many this year may be entirely different from years prior.  With many countries and local areas still following public health restrictions for the COVID-19 pandemic, getting together for a romantic restaurant date may not be possible.  So what are some other activities that couples can enjoy this year instead of the traditional candlelight dinner in an Italian restaurant followed by a moonlit walk along the river? There are still various options that can help you spend some quality time with your significant other.

Play Virtual Board Games

I recently stumbled upon Tabletop Simulator; a steam game that allows you to play just about any board game virtually.  Featured here, I am playing a popular city-building board game called Machi Koro.  The only catch is that your significant other also needs this application downloaded from Steam to play.  However, if this doesn’t sound appealing to you, there are various board games to play online including poker card games, Uno with friends, Words with Friends (Facebook) that you can play with your Valentine’s day date.

Create Art Together

In the event you’re quarantined with your lover, you can certainly plan a paint night together complete with some fancy (take-out) dinner and drinks to celebrate your love.  For example, one of my friends recently completed an enormous panel painting with her partner.  Not only did this fill an entire evening but it also deepened their connection with another while exercising their artistic creativity together.

Netflix Party

For many this has been a common go-to activity during the pandemic.  Netflix party is a Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix with friends and family virtually.  The application will play the Netflix movie or series for two separate computers at the same time so no matter where you’re located, as long as internet connection is available, you can watch together with your date.  Both parties must have a Netflix account to be able to watch together.  For better results, try video-conferencing your date to see their reactions throughout the movie.

Cook Together

For dates living in the same household, cooking a new recipe together can be an excellent way to bond with another.  Instead of take-out, you can custom your dinners to your liking and can be cost-effective as well.

Virtually Explore a New Place such as an Art Gallery or Museum

Various art galleries and museums have created virtual platforms for guests to visit during the pandemic.  I found many from all across the world on the travel and leisure website.  While travelling may be barred, I found touring these museums and galleries felt like a rewarding travel experience while learning about artwork.

Try a Cardio Routine Together

For the health nuts out there, breaking a sweat with your loved one on Valentine’s Day can be motivating and refreshing.  For myself, I recently tried a yoga routine with my significant other and it has been a rewarding experience learning something new and also having fun laughing at each other’s silly faces post-workout.

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