Music Review—Darklight Horizon and Foxpalmer

Two Artists, Three Singles

February 26, 2021.  That’s the date that Screamlite Records is making three brand new singles available for streaming.  The artists—Darklight Horizon and Foxpalmer—were featured on Screamlite Records newest charity album, New Hero Sounds, that premiered earlier this year.  Proceeds of the album went to National Health Services, the health care system in the UK.

Darklight Horizon is a self-described new classic rock band making the best of the pandemic.  Formed in the beginning of 2020, Darklight Horizon has taken the lockdowns as an opportunity to write, rehearse, and perfect their performance.  They made their debut on New Hero Sounds and hope to be able to perform live in 2021.  Darklight Horizon consists of Zach Spacey on bass, Vinnie Crippin on vocals, Kurt Roth on guitar, and the young Johnny Havoc on drums.

They’ll be releasing two singles, “Oxide” and “The Fallen.”  Their first single, “Oxide,” is a high-energy tune, while “The Fallen” has a slower, almost hypnotic vibe.  Both songs feature some powerful lyrics that will resonate with many people during these uncertain times.

“Oxide” is about letting go of what is hurting you, but then feeling lost without it.  The repetitive, chanting-like final verse: “Bow our heads in unison for a place to stand/ Bow your head in unison with the rain and dust/ Bow your heads in unison in the land of rust” is reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall.”

“The Fallen” is a critique of our money-hungry capitalist society—something that has become all too clear during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Darklight writes, “Pray to the moon and the silver spoon/ As they sell us a life that ends too soon/ How do we know what it all might mean/ Support the wheel that drive the machines.”

The songs and the band themselves put a modern spin on 70s rock—think Led Zeppelin meets System of a Down.  Even the single cover art plays tribute to classic rock with a font that is reminiscent of the KISS logo and a triangle like Pink Floyd.  These guys are seriously talented.

On the same day, for those who prefer something less heavy, Foxpalmer is a combination of folk, indie, and rock led by Fern McNulty.  Her soft, haunting vocals and intricate, catchy guitar recall The Cranberries or Fleetwood Mac.  Fern last released music in 2017 with the album Locked in Memory.  Foxpalmer’s single “Forever” is a sad love song about loving someone who hurt you.  The single conveys passion and sadness; love and pain; strength and weakness.  The dreamy melody and Fern’s beautiful voice are sure to get stuck in your head.

All three singles can be streamed on your platform of choice starting on February 26 2021.  Additionally, New Hero Sounds can be purchased on Bandcamp.  The album features “Oxide” and “Forever” along with over 60 additional tracks from various artists.  You can also follow Foxpalmer and Darklight Horizon on Instagram to stay up to date with their work: @foxpalmer and @darklighthorizon.

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