Vintage Voice

Unearthing Classing Articles from Previous Issues of The Voice Magazine

Coming up March 1 is Barista Day.  We’re serving up a pair of articles just the way you like them, as a nod to the essential services baristas provide.

They paved paradise.  Writer Bill Pollett remembers when developers transformed the gritty neighbourhood he lived in and loved.  “There was always the smell of piss and barbecued duck and rotten vegetables filling the heavy air.”  Lost & Found — This City, June 8, 2007.

You’ve got to make the moment last.  Janice Behrens provides a savoury taste of the perfect pandemic food opportunity.  “[Slow Food] encourages interest in such things as local, artisan produced foods, restful contemplation, generous hospitality and joyful sensuality.”   Slowing Down, October 13, 2004.