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You gotta clean behind the computer, too?  A student with a built-in cam on a desk-top computer wonders how ProctorU will be able to see the whole room; responses suggest either using a mirror, or cell-phone video.


A good reason to scan all channels:  A discussion in the #general-studies channel leads to a tip on using a research log to smooth the research-to-write process of essays.


When you’re planning on last-minute:  Weird how the question of when a course contract really ends comes up.  Yes, you literally have to the last minute (Mountain Time) on the last day of a course contract to get that final essay in.  Sooo, if you’re into self-torture, go ahead and do that.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “AUSU has teamed up with @VMock_Inc  to provide our members with free access to their resume review platform! Start that interview off on the right foot-check out their review tools today. More info at

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