Course Exam—Psych 200 (Introduction to Career Development)

Course Exam—Psych 200 (Introduction to Career Development)

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PSYC 200 is a three-credit junior level psychology course designed to “review the history of career counselling and discusses a sampling of career development theories, the general process of career counselling, the career concerns of diverse client populations, and different settings in which career counsellors work.” The course has no pre-requisites and is available for Challenge for Credit.

Why You Should Take This Course

The course is designed for students who are interested in a career as a career counsellor or interested in understanding the field of career counselling.  For human resources professionals, potential or current career counsellors looking for upgrading or refresher, or simply someone who wishes to understand how career counselling works for personal growth, this is the course for you!

This course examines the history of career counselling, sampling theories, process of career counseling and the concerns that are most seen in the client population.  I personally think this course is worthwhile for anyone to take, as most of us have had a part of our life where we wondered about our career, either in the past, present, or future.  Or simply being available to help your current or future children or friends or colleagues with career advice.  Understanding the potential concerns can help determine how to address them or visit a career counsellor!

Course, Assignment, Projects, and Quizzes Details

The course is composed of eight units starting with an Introduction to Career Counselling and Career Development Theories, expanding to understanding the development of relationship and defining career concerns.  The course further expands in exploring the problem and understand the self to exploring the problem in terms of contextual and labour market options.  The course wraps up with action planning and evaluation, career development and diverse populations and finally, career counselling in different settings.

The course includes a career questionnaire that is worth five percent of the overall mark along with four application papers each worth 12.5% for a total of 50%.  The course does not have any final exams, but there are three quizzes with quiz one and three worth 7.5% and quiz two worth 10%.  The final item for the course is a research project that is worth 20%.

For those who do not enjoy exams, this course has no midterm or final exams! Only three quizzes and a few papers and a project.

How to Be Successful in the Course

Student Tips

From personal experience with psychology courses, these courses are typically terminology and content heavy, and require more memorization.  As there is no midterm or final exam for the course, students will only need to focus on quizzes for studying.  Using cue cards and Quizlet will be helpful to test yourself of knowledge.

For papers and the research project, as they are typically more time consuming due to the amount of writing and research required, starting early will be key to allow for adequate time to research, edit, revise, and edit.  As with any course if you are unsure about anything, the first place I recommend to look is the Moodle Discussion board, as if you have the question, there is a highly likely chance another student asked.  If you cannot find your question on the Discussion board, your Tutor is always there for you.

For research projects, I always find looking for a topic and finding appropriate resources an important part and a first step.  It is always extremely helpful to check with your tutor if the topic is appropriate and if it will be detailed enough for you to write your research paper on.  Your tutor can give you appropriate feedback for you before you begin writing and researching! I have done this for my Computer Science and other courses, and they have always helped me successfully completed the paper.


If you have any further questions regarding the course, please do not hesitate to contact the Course Coordinator at  Happy studying!