The Reading List—April 2021

Like most people, I cannot believe it is April.  With the warm weather returning, many of us look forward to the spring and summer where hopefully things will improve, and life will get a little bit closer to normal.  In the meantime, try some of these recommended reads for April!

Selfie by Will Storr

Personally, I am not a huge selfie person, but I grew up in the selfie generation where all my friends and classmates were really into selfies.  A book that gives us an in-depth exploration of how humans have grown to become more obsessed with an idealized sense of our individuality and how we change it.  At the end of the day, what matters most is who we are, and not how look from the outside.  A must read for everyone in the 21st century! You will find how accurately, and shockingly true things may be and perhaps even learn something new.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

For anyone who has read Mitch Albom’s books before, you know this one is a must read! For those who have not, this is a must read! This book as with all Mitch Albom’s books is inspirational and beautifully written book.  This book provokes thoughtfulness and soul-searching and gives us all a sense of hope, which is something that we may need during this pandemic.  After you read this, you may find yourself digging for more Mitch Albom books like me!

The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

For all science lovers, this book is for you! You are probably why I am recommending this book.  Back when I worked at the library, I discovered that many books get banned and challenged, however, there are many of these books that do not get the freedom and appreciation they deserve! They are filled with knowledge and worthwhile to read.  The Origin of Species by Charles is one of them! Published back in 1859, it was banned by Trinity College and Cambridge where Darwin was a student at that time.  And unfortunately, in 1925, Tennessee banned the teaching of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution in school until 1967.  Read this book and learn about one of the most influential books in the 19th century!

Unfree Speech: The Threat to Global Democracy and Why We Must Act, Now by Joshua Wong

A heartbreaking, real-time, and ongoing issue, Unfree Speech was written by Joshua Wong, a Hong Kong student activist, who is currently in jail in Hong Kong due to his protests for democracy.  The story explores Joshua’s past and how it influenced him to become an inspirational, powerful, Nobel Peace Prize nominee from Hong Kong at the age of 23.  For anyone interested in learning about democracy, interested in politics and current issues, this is a must read for you! This true story was the book that got me interested in politics.

What It Takes: To Live and Lead with Purpose, Laughter and Strength by Zahra Al-Harazi

To celebrate International Women’s Day, try this book about one of Canada’s most successful businesswomen.  Zahra Al-Harazi was born in Yemen and moved to Calgary from Minnesota.  The story explores her past experiences and how it shaped her to become who she is today.  An inspirational and worthwhile read!