AUSU Update

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Welcome Your New Executive Team


Congratulations to the new AUSU Executive Team who took office on April 21, 2021, at the changeover Council Meeting.

 Find out more about the executive positions in the following AUSU policies:

Join Us for AUSUnights Virtual Trivia


AUSUnights are virtual trivia nights held over Zoom on the second Thursday of every month. They are a great opportunity to connect with fellow AU students, have fun, and maybe even win some prizes from your AU Students’ Union!

Email an RSVP to and get your invite to the May 13th event happening from 5:00-6:30p MDT.


Review Your Resume with VMock


AUSU has teamed up with VMock Inc. to provide our members with FREE access to the VMock web-based resume review platform!

VMock is a SMART platform that provides instant personalized feedback to help you build an amazing resume using global best practices.

Use the VMock platform to: 

  • Receive an objective score on your resume.
  • Assess how well you have marketed yourself.
  • Receive line-by-line feedback.
  • Improve your resume using personalized suggestions.
  • Ensure your resume points to your target career.
  • Rescore your resume to see your rating increase!

Get started:

  1. Sign up for VMock
  2. Once you receive the approval email, follow the link, and click “Login”.
  3. Upload your resume in PDF format and get started!

 For more info visit the AUSU website