Vintage Voice

Don’t look now, but May 1 is Naked Gardening Day!  This might be a suitable year to participate but, as with every activity these days, be sure to maintain a two-metre distance from your curious neighbours.

Spelling counts.  Lonita Fraser wanders through the self-revealing trends of online dating.  “Men, and women, are branching out of what they think people want to hear, and heading off into the unknown, and much more interesting, land of individual truth, quirks, and the kind of brazen honesty that will catch you a companion, playmate, or spouse.”  SWF Seeking…, October 28, 2005.

You’re Growing What?  Bill Pollett plants a fanciful and lyrical garden.  “I plant the pages of used telephone books, barbecue assembly instructions, investment literature and Sears catalogues. I wait for them to grow into folktales and sheet music.  Lost and Found — In Our Garden, August 19, 2005.

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