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Extension tensions.  A query about the COVID-current rules for course extensions takes a detour through the rhubarb before arriving at an answer:  “You are allowed 1 additional extension due to Covid in addition to the 3 two month extensions available for a total of 4. This may change so keep checking the Covid page for updates. Currently you must apply for the extension by 11:59 pm MST of the last day of your contract.”


Curb your enthusiasm.  A student working ahead wonders if it’s okay to submit all assignments on the first day of the course; responses suggest the best plan is to space them out (and wait for marks) rather than overwhelm the tutor on day one.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “Nominations are now open in the AUSU Student Council By-Election! Get involved, build your experience, and represent fellow  @AthabascaU students as part of an amazing team of #StudentLeaders! Self-nominate today:” (Nominations close June 8, 2021)


Explore AU’s history with the 6-minute AU Beyond 50, posted by AU.

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