Editorial—What’s With the Names?

Every day, the Voice Magazine uploads a select article to the website just to give you a sneak-peek of what’s coming up in the magazine on Friday.  If you’re one of the people who take advantage of that sneak peek, you may have noticed something odd earlier in the week.  Our site was listing me as the author of all pieces.  It wasn’t that the power had all gone to my head, but rather that our site, for some reason, was refusing to recognize anybody but myself as an article’s author.  Fortunately, we contacted Kobot.ca, the guys who built the new website you’re now familiar with, and they managed to get in and fix it up just as the rest of the magazine was published on the website.

As for the PDF, that’s going to be delayed a bit more today as I’ve been watching convocation happen in the background while working.  Once again, I have to admit that I’m impressed by how AU has managed to create a convocation ceremony even at a distance that just works.

Of course, in a COVID-19 world, a physical gathering wasn’t a realistic scenario, but AU has done a nifty thing by getting as many graduands as they could connect via live cameras, and while the deans and other notables from AU read out the names and the graduand’s thanks to friends, family, and supporters (as they have at every Convocatation, even before they were virtual) you could see several of them on screen, wearing their graduation caps.  As their names were read, they’d switch the tassel of the cap from the right side to the left.  It’s a tradition that now, in a virtual setting, works excellently to bring the attention to the correct person, so that while the announcer reads, we can see the faces (and the smiles and sometimes tears) of the graduands as they officially graduate.

One of the memorable moments for me was seeing one gentleman multi-tasking, attending his graduation even while continuing his work as what appeared to be a Canada Post mail-carrier.  It kind of brought home how just how unusual not just the ceremony is, but AU as a whole.

In the Voice Magazine this week, we’re interviewing student Narmeen Nasir, who came initially from Pakistan to Yellowknife, now living in Fort MacMurray, new writer Kaisha Nasir managed to get in touch with her and interview her about her choice of AU, struggles at Tim Hortons and finding the kindness of strangers along her journey.

Also this week, Kent Provost brings us the Council Connection from the May 21, 2021 AUSU Council Meeting.  If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Kent was the honourable mention in the Voice Magazine’s Fiction writing contest.  He’s got a solid report of the meeting so if you’re curious as to what AUSU has been up to, you’ll want to check that out.

We also have Jessica Young with a review of punk-pop band (leaning more toward the punk) Block Parent’s new album, Sick Year, Bro!

Of course, we also have our selection of advice, news, events, scholarships, and other articles from students and graduates of AU, whether that’s advice on developing relationships, yourself, or even on the choice of a grill now that we’re hitting barbeque season.  Enjoy the read!