How to Stay Crazy Happy

Young girl roller skating on a road. Skating surrounded with orange colored smoke grenade.

Women’s emotions can feel erratic.  One moment we’re smiles; the next, sobs.  Throw in bad news, the death of a loved one, or anything burdensome, and our emotions can run roughshod on our sanity.

But we aren’t our emotions.  We are more than that We are souls, and souls are comprised of pure love.  Emotions, unlike love, are from this world only and don’t play a part within our highest selves.

From my own philosophies, I’ve learned some tricks to regulating our emotions so that we’re steadily happy.

Here they are:

When we get a sad or troubling thought, think, “Stop!” and focus on anything even remotely positive, from a chirping bird to a smile from a passerby.  Or focus on a past memory that brought delight or on the many wonderful traits of the people in our life.

When we feel criticized or condemned, focus on the strengths and beauty of everyone around us, ignoring any perceptions of unkindness, never taking actions personally.

When we feel worthless, instead of feeling like a victim, strive to be our ideal selves: purely happy and love-filled.  Train our thoughts to dismiss all negative thoughts by creating higher philosophies that prevent the negative from manifesting.

Look to our guardian angel, loving on us with all its heart and soul, feeling nothing but pure compassion for us, giving nothing but care.  Know that we are unconditionally loved.

Love our enemies.  Love those who wish to do us harm.  Even if someone poisons our teas, love them, but stop drinking the teas.  Crazy as it sounds, it keeps us happy in distressing times.

Expect nothing but give everything.  Live a life of service, demanding nothing in return.

The instance a negative emotion arises, reconstruct the associated thought to something positive, even if the new positive thought doesn’t fit the societal norm.  Often, norms are less than stellar.  “I” statements are destructive as is venting—both erroneously embraced as reasonable ways to respond.  I’d rather surrender to fixing only myself.

Don’t dwell on other people’s negatives, only on bettering our own.  When we focus on what we can change—ourselves and not others—we can better grow into our ideal selves.

Know that every material thing is fleeting and the only thing with true permanence is love.  Make that love what we feel toward every living being, even if that being explodes in us a bomb.

I once told my hairstylist that I wanted to train my mind to be happy all the time, even if a bomb exploded.  She thought I was crazy.  But I’d rather be crazy with love than crippled with negativity.

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