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Challenging courses.  A query about challenging a course for credit receives a detailed response, including the info that course materials aren’t included in the challenge fee.


Student meltdown.  AB and BC students swap tales of trying to beat the heat while they race against course end dates.


If everybody knew, nobody would need to ask.  A freshly-enrolled student feels dumb for asking how to access courses and course materials.  Responses are quick, to the point, and non-judgemental; everyone was new once.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Earlier this year the Writer-in-Residence for 2020-21, Joshua Whitehead (@JWhitehead204 ) delivered a generous and open talk for the AU community and the public, discussing issues in the writing life, including mental health, queerness, and Indigeneity”


Here’s hoping this becomes a thing!  AU posts video intros for two courses:  ENGL 324 (Shakespeare I) and  ENGL 325 (Shakespeare II).