How to Be Super Positive to Your Loved Ones

We all want to be happy, loving, and loved, especially with our families and friends, despite the world’s challenges.  Here are a multitude of ways to stay super positive so that not only us, but our loved ones, feel the joy.

First, learn how to smile and laugh all throughout the day.  Everyone loves to be around a happy soul.  Start by recording yourself laughing loudly and happily.  Then practice smiling and laughing out loud randomly throughout the day.  If people start calling you “giggles,” you are on the right path.

Second, tweak your laughter so your giggles feel as uplifting as a kitten’s loud purr.  If no-one else loves your laughter, I guarantee you will.  The massage on your organs and the released endorphins feels euphoric.

Third, when you go to restaurants or stores, smile and laugh happily with the cashiers.  You’ll make their day, and you’ll condition yourself further into a happy state.

Fourth, if others don’t respond well to your good intentions, keep smiling but attempt to improve yourself.  There is always room for growth within a happy soul.

Fifth, the minute a negative emotion washes over your face, let out a happy laugh.  It helps reset.  And you instantly look and feel better.  And the minute a negative thought arises about another person, even about an enemy, say a thoughtful prayer for that person.  A prayer or a kind well-wish removes all anger.

Sixth, deepen your spiritual awareness and everyday philosophies.  In other words, learn how not to judge, blame, criticize, condemn, complain, begrudge, or worry.  In other words, don’t try to change others, but work only on improving yourself.  This also involves not allowing jealousy, anger, or demands to enter your psyche.  Give love, not negativity, every chance you get.

Seventh, change even your thoughts into bubbly laughter, relishing the singing birds, the feel of the floor on your toes, the sunshine on your face, the life-force of the trees and insects, the water spraying on your shoulders.  This world has millions of marvels within our reach every moment of the day.

Eighth, expect nothing from your loved ones, but give them all they need for real happiness.  Serve them.  Be generous with them.  Support their dreams and goals.  Help foster their talents.  Bring them comfort.  Find every little way to lift their spirits.

Ninth, see only the best in others, closing our eyes to their faults.  See no evil.  Hear no evil.  Feel no evil.  Do no evil.  See only love.  Hear only love.  Feel only love.  Be only love.

Tenth, if we all have guardian angels, then truly everyone is loved to the nth-degree by another entity.  Become that entity giving nothing but love, no matter what others do in return.

Eleventh, go the extra mile with every inch requested, never begrudging being of service to someone.  Lend a hand any chance.  Stay perky and happy when doing hard labor for the benefit of another being.

Twelfth, withstand even the greatest abuses.  Negativity is a gift.  If handled with love, negativity can make you an improved person.  If you can smile and laugh in the face of an uproar, you’re on the right track.

Finally, if we lack a trait needed to make a loved one truly happy, we can always develop that trait.  And if we have a trait that brings suffering to others, we can always do the opposite of that trait.  For instance, if we are misers, we can compensate by going overboard with generosity.  If we are jealous, we can give pure love to our competitor.  If we are super strict, we can go rule free.

Are you ready to share nothing but smiles and laughter with your loved ones, no matter the circumstances?  If so, you’ll discover the true meaning of happiness.

It’s true that this world can be crazy bad—for us and our loved ones.  But it’s pure heaven when we turn our sufferings into reasons to smile.

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