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Altered Expectations.  One student wonders if other students actually read all three novels covered in ENGL 211.  Some read once, some read twice, some did audio books or watched the movie version, and some skimmed or skipped (mostly likely to be given short shrift:  Great Expectations by Dickens.)


Library meet-up.  A discussion in the #general channel leads to a scheduled study-group meet-up at the Stanley Milner Library in Edmonton for July 21, plus the creation of a new #irl-study-meetups channel.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “**Register for this free course by Sunday** Struggling with online learning? It can be a whole new approach to learning and a bit overwhelming. This free four-week course, designed especially for youth aged 14 to 22, will help:”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “AUSU provides all members with FREE access to LinkedIn Learning! Just sign up using your student email address for your free account. For more check out”

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