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Comma comma down dooby doo down down.  An ENGL 255 student is struggling with comma usage in assignments; Grammerly is the most-proposed helper tool.


New class round up.  In the #general channel, students share which courses they’re beginning on September 1.  A bit of a mix including COMP, ECON, ENGL, LGST, PHIL, and PYSC courses.


Size matters.  A student’s assignment file is too large to upload through the submission portal and they’re looking for options; suggestions include compressing the file, or breaking it into smaller files.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “Have questions about the election? Love to win? Ask us anything by replying to this tweet and be entered into our weekly draw for a $50 Amazon gift card! #ReadySetVote  @casaacae For full contest rules go to”

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