What Laughing All Day Did To Me

A while back, I started laughing all throughout each day. It was a sort of experiment, a thought experiment. So I tried it. And did it ever result in incredible changes. Let me share with you some of the best changes that will likely occur should you, too, start laughing frequently throughout the day.

Change #1: You’re never angry. When I let out a genuine happy laugh, it’s impossible to be angry in that moment. I’m not sure of the science behind why this happens. Perhaps it’s the rush of feel-good hormones that circulate through you when you laugh.

Change #2: You stop ruminating immediately. When I worry or ruminate, a gentle warm laugh brushes away all concerns. This freeing of the mind reminds me of 100-year-olds who say they never took life seriously. Laugh all day and you won’t be plagued with worry. Nothing bad will stick.

Change #3: You feel euphoric all day long. When I flood my body with endorphins all throughout the day, I just glow with happiness. You, too, will feel the bliss that comes from training yourself to laugh frequently.

Change #4: You don’t get stressed. When I start getting stressed, laughter soothes my nerves and puts everything in perspective. A long time ago, when I had extreme anxiety, I used to laugh frequently whenever I had an anxiety attack. Today I realize that laughter is a way to medicate the anxiety. Try laughing all day to not just medicate stress, but to prevent it in the first place.

Change #5: People like you more. That’s because everybody likes happy people. When I laugh a lot, I notice others relax more around me.  Laughter is infectious and everyone loves to be genuinely smiled at. Laugh and smile with people you love, and never scowl, and watch yourself become more of a people magnet.

Change #6: You easily dispel any negative thought or emotion. When I have a troubling thought, I instantly let out a sweet laugh. The laughter puts the negative thought into positive perspective, removing it from my thought processes, preventing me from getting attached to bad energy. Try laughing gently when a troubling thought arises and see how easy it is to shift gears.

Change #7: Your skin and eyes start to glow.  I look better now that I laugh and smile all day. If you, too, laugh all day, you’ll see a magnificent change in your appearance. There is a reason why people want smile lines as they age.

Change #8: You make better decisions. When I’m happy, I don’t make decisions based on paranoia, perceived slights, resentments, or anything else that could make matters worse. I find I make healthier decisions. Try laughing when making a tough decision to take out the “toughness” from the equation. Life isn’t meant to be taken too seriously.

Change #9: Work and studies are more enjoyable. When reading a confusing textbook makes me laugh, I don’t feel the anguish that would otherwise occur. It’s easier to tackle a problem with a happy mind because it means less stress and tension. Try laughing when you hit roadblocks at school or work and you’ll find yourself continuing your studies or work with a clearer mind.

If you don’t quite believe my claims, here is an article that talks about the benefits of laughter, which include an enhanced immune system, the body’s production of pain killers, the stimulation of organs, and so much more: www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/stress-management/in-depth/stress-relief/art-20044456.

The secret to making laughter feel its best, from my experience, is to hone a sweet, delightful, love-filled laughter that others find appealing and that feels like a gentle massage in your stomach. It’s like a form of meditation. And if you love the sound of kittens purring, wait until you manifest a similar sensation through laughter.

At the very least, you’ll feel happy.