Facial Yoga—A Must Do or a Faux Pas?

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Yoga is a form of passive exercising that incorporates stretching one’s body, and it has been shown to help improve overall health and well-being.  It is considered a good way to start your morning if you can make time for it, but a beauty-inspired form of yoga may take priority over stretching limbs if the primary focus is beautification.  Facial yoga is a form of yoga that is supposed to activate the muscles in your face that have the potential to make your face appear younger by releasing tension, reducing wrinkles, and improving blood flow.

Facial Yoga Exercice Techniques

The idea behind facial yoga is that it should be done twice a day, in the morning to activate your muscles and at night to release the tension before sleep.  There are countless facial yoga exercises that can be done, all of which require multiple repetitions of the exercise.  Here are four:

The Eyebrow Lift – put your fingertips just above your eyebrows and apply light downward resistance as you try lift your eyebrows up.  This exercise is supposed to target the facial muscles around your eyebrows and reduce droopiness.

The Cheeks Drag – put your fingertips just below your cheekbones and apply light upward drag as you try to open your mouth.  This exercise is supposed to target the facial muscles around your cheeks and make them more prominent.

The Jaw Drop – extend your lower jaw downward by opening your mouth until you reach your maximum before closing your mouth.  This exercise is supposed to release facial tension while strengthening your jawline muscles and making them more prominent.

The Jaw Wiggle – relax your lower jaw and allow your mouth to drop open before you begin to move your jaw to the left and right.  This exercise is supposed to release facial tension while stretching your jawline muscles and make them more prominent.

The Jury Is Out

Aging is a natural process for all living things, and there is no way to maintain a permanent youthful look, but some people swear by the positive effects of facial yoga.  Whether you are keeping up with The Real Housewives of wherever, the Kardashians, or any other pop culture personalities, these are probably not the type of people that practice facial yoga, as they are more likely to try and pass off cosmetic surgeries as natural beauty—da bizarrely vain mistruth.

As to whether facial yoga is a must do or a faux pas for you, the best bet is to try it out for yourself.  If you do decide to share your progress with the world, you may get some funny looks your way, some from people who would secretly do facial yoga if you told them it worked.