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Great news! Intake for AUSU’s fall Awards and Bursaries Program is now open! It’s our favourite way to promote and celebrate academic achievement and community spirit, and to provide aid to students encountering financial hardship. They are available to all AUSU members currently taking any AU undergraduate course!

Awards Now Open for Application:

Academic Achievement                   $1,000 each

AUSU Bursaries                                $1,000 each

Balanced Student Awards               $1,000 each

#Igo2AU Award                                 $1,000 each

New Student Bursaries                    $500 each

Returning Student Awards              $1,000 each

Student Volunteer Awards              $1,000 each

Academic Achievement Scholarships reward excellence in academics to AU students. Applicants submit a copy of their transcript to be eligible and have a minimum GPA of 3.85. The applicants with the highest GPA across the last 30 credits will be selected.

You could be one of three $1,000 scholarship recipients awarded this application period, so start your application today! Members may only receive this award once and must have completed at least 30 AU credits by the application deadline.

#Igo2AU Awards embrace diversity and a passion for knowledge! While celebrating open enrolment and flexibility of learning, recipients reflect the diversity of AU’s student membership.

You could be one of two (2) successful applicants who are members of AUSU and submit a video up to two (2) minutes articulating a personal experience in any one (1) or combination of the following areas: how has AU improved their lives, what is it about AU that fuels their passion for learning, why they chose AU, how does AU inspire them, and/or what AU means to them.

New Student Bursaries recognize the financial challenges new students may face when beginning courses at AU by providing assistance to those just starting their learner journeys.

Four (4) bursaries of $500 each will be awarded to aid new members who can demonstrate financial need and have earned less than six (6) credits at AU. Applicants must be currently taking AU course(s), even if they have not yet completed any and may not receive this bursary more than once per 12-month period.

Did you know AUSU provides all members with FREE access to LinkedIn Learning? Just sign up using your email address for your free account.

AU students can benefit from training in Microsoft Office and many other software programs used for AU courses. You can also access training in business skills, career development, marketing, programming, photography, graphic design, time management, and much more!

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