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Even technology has its limits.  A question on where to find hard-copy textbooks attracts several suggestions, plus a discussion about textbook options, and accommodation on medical grounds.


Not waving, but drowning.  Amidst discussions about audiobooks, a student asks how many times a failed course can be re-taken (two), and others offer to help salvage the current attempt.


Transcript timing.  One student wonders how soon posted grades will appear on a transcript (updated 12am daily), while another wonders if semesters are noted on the transcript (nope—just official course start date.)


@austudentsunion tweets:  “Check it out! Get to know fellow @athabascau students, stay organized, access AU and AUSU services, and much more! Search “Athabasca University Students” on the App Store or the Google Play Store! #AthaU #Igo2AU #StudentServices.”

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