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How to deal with post-nominals.  A degree holder wonders how to express their degree after their name, when the degree’s acronym has a hyphenated extension, like BPA-HS.  The consensus is to stick with just the main degree acronym (BPA.)


Served with a call to serve.  A student worries that the jury-duty notice they just received may put a snarl in their study time.  Responses suggest asking AU for an extension, or appealing to the student union for assistance, if needed.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “Have you checked out AUSU’s #2SLGBTQIA  @discord yet? It is intended to be a safe space for the community to find support, make friends, and chat about their experiences! For more info or to join visit #igo2au.”

also from @austudentsunion:  “Intake for AUSU’s fall Awards and Bursaries Program is now open! They are available to all AUSU members currently taking any AU undergraduate course! See for details on each award and bursary. #Igotoau #athau #awardseason #bursaries.”


Beyond September 30.  AU posts Maria Campbell and Terry Lust reflect on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.  Marie Campbell is AU’s Elder in Residence, and Terry Lust is a Métis Elder and AU honorary degree recipient.