Editorial—Bits and Bobs

I finally managed to finish the AUSU Council Meeting Report for September, less than a week before the next Council Meeting.  I’ll warn you right now it’s a large one because that’s the meeting that AUSU Council approved it’s brand new budget.

As always, I like to be able to give students a “short” (it’s a relative term, okay?) rundown on what the major changes to the budget were this year from last, and there were a few.  Especially when you consider that AUSU has closed its physical office space, added a new executive, joined a new lobbying organization, and more.

So that stretched it out some already.   On top of that, however, the budget didn’t just sail through nice and smooth like it sometimes does.  For a Council that tends to work behind the scenes for most things, eventually coming to unanimous agreements once it comes time to vote, having a non-unanimous vote on something as significant as the budget was worth some reporting on its own.  So that’s in there too.

But that wasn’t enough, no.  This meeting, they also rescinded a position policy and then approved a newly updated position policy manual with various changes and some signficant discussion on that as well.

All of which leads to this week’s Council Connection being quite long, and me realizing more than ever that I need someone else to handle this for me.  So, if you’ve got even a passing interest in politics, student politics, or, ideally, AUSU student politics, and you’re looking to earn a little bit of extra cash in return for a couple of hours of your time each month, please get in touch with me at karl@voicemagazine.org and let me know.

Don’t worry if you’re terribly new at this, it’s expected there’ll be a bit of a learning curve and I’ll be sure to be present to help out with your first several reports, as needed.

Also this week, we have a look at how online shopping can lead to shopping addiction, with a former student presenting her own experience.  Plus, if the extra time or change in finances that COVID has granted you has you thinking about starting your own business, the Struggling Student Rants brings a helpful list of things you should be keeping in mind as you set out on your new venture in this socially distanced age.

And if you’re getting close to the end of your courses and are thinking you might take that thesis course as your capstone, The Study Dude’s Cookbook looks at some strategies that can help you outline your monster paper to keep yourself—and your professor—turning the pages.

All of this on top of our regular selection of music reviews, recipes, advice, scholarships, events, and reporting on what’s making the buzz around AU.

But maybe you think there’s something we’ve missed? Something that needs reporting on and you’re not seeing it in these pages?  Well guess what, we’re always looking for new student writers to bring their unique voice to The Voice Magazine. So either make use of our handy-dandy “Write for the Voice” form, or just contact me directly at voice@voicemagazine.org with your idea.  Even if you don’t want to write it personally, I’d love to hear what you’re looking for.  Enjoy the read!