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But what happens to the “A” in AU?  An opinion piece published in the Edmonton Journal sparks a discussion about what impact a campus-less AU would have on students.


Aw, shucks.  Amid posts about course selections and study tips, one student takes the time to thank the student community:  “…Everyone here is really encouraging and motivating to me. I see other people working hard and crushing their classes and it makes me want to work hard too. I see people struggling with their own challenges and finding ways to overcome them, and it makes me want to fight through my struggles as well…”


They’re all easy.  “Which courses are easy/fast?” Ever see this question posted, yet again, and be tempted to throw in your worst course ever?  Nah, me neither.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “Did you know that @athabascau students have free Office 365and their own email address? Just one of many perks for choosing AU! Find out more at #StudentDeals #AthaU #Microsoft.”

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