Editorial—Delays and Downtime

Sorry for how long this took, Friday had me dealing with a migraine that made concentrating on the computer for any length of time basically impossible.

And while I managed to get most of the articles up on the website anyway, I did miss a couple, so if you’ve already looked at the site, don’t forget to also look at this week’s Study Dude and Fly on the Wall, which were the last two I wasn’t able to get out in time.

In other news, I have been slowly moved up to what is generally considered the “adult” dose of ADHD medication.  It’s interesting because this medicine is supposedly a strong stimulant, with warnings of significant feelings of anxiety, heart palpitations, and can even cause temporary psychosis, hallucinations and other effects in those without ADHD.

In me?  It doesn’t seem to do anything.  I can’t even blame it for the migraine (although headache is one of the side effects noted), as I haven’t stopped taking it yet today I’ve got no migraine at all.  Nor have I noted any prediliction to change what I consider my “normal.”  Which, I suppose if nothing else, does confirm that there’s something “different” in me from normal.

But the bottom line is, no significant news yet.  Finding out what normal is will have to wait.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed most of the Voice yesterday, and will take a quick look at the new articles today.  And in case you haven’t already, then I’m happy to note that we’ve got another interview with a student like you.  And as we hit the end of October, make sure that you’re not missing any opportunities with the AUSU award season in our article “Don’t Let this Deadline Whoosh By.”

This week also introduces “The Disreputable Rhetorician”, which hopefully will bring a bit of a smile to your face while at the same time give you a few strategies to help you the next time you’re having a disagreement.

And if you’re like me and find that deadlines creep up on you suddenly, you may not be prepared for Halloween.  Fortunately for you, we’ve got an article to help you at least with the pumpkin part of the evening.  We also have  a look at Halloween articles from Voice’s past in the “Vintage Voice.”

Plus, music reviews, advice, scholarships, events, thoughtful articles and more.  And while we won’t be doing much for this Halloween (we rarely get many visitors at our house even in good years, and with COVID supressing things, we don’t expect we’ll be seeing anybody at all) I certainly hope you’ll have a good one!

Enjoy the read!

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