Five Keto Snack Ideas

Since starting on my keto journey, it has been challenging to find healthy snacks that are in line with this new diet.  However, as time passed, I’ve discovered new creative ways to snack without starting a bad habit.  Many options exist if you’re looking to lower your blood sugar and stay healthy and fit.  Here’s my personal list with my own creative twist on some snacking favorites.

Keto Dark Chocolate

When I first heard about these dark chocolates, I was thrilled.  Firstly, most chocolate contains an absurd amount of sugar that cuts out the bitterness of cacao.  As a big dark chocolate fan, this was naturally added to my snacking routine.  Moreover, keto chocolates come in small snack packs that help control your portion size.  Dark chocolate boasts many health benefits including reducing heart disease risk keeping your body balanced in its healthier cholesterol levels.

Keto Coconut Clusters

Initially I was quite skeptical about this product as it came with a variety of seeds and nuts that did not sound entirely appealing.  Moreover, it is made primarily with shaved coconut which can be tough to bite down on.  However, since trying this product out a month ago, I’ve been obsessed with munching on these crispy, light and sweet (sweetened with artificial sugars) snacks.  They are high in fibre and have a variety of different textures from the pumpkin and flax seeds.

Cucumber Bites

One of my all-time disappointments after starting keto was not being able to have my saltine crackers.  Crackers were perfect for every occasion and creatively topping them off was one of my favorite past-times.  However, I’ve discovered that cucumbers make an excellent replacement.  Not only is it light in flavor, but it adds crunch and texture to the fillings inside.  Here I have used a cheese, prosciutto and unsweetened peanut butter filling that is satisfying and delicious.

Nut & Seed Trail Mix

Despite having to screen more carefully for nut-based granola and trail mixes, I’ve found a new interest in unsalted, plain trail mixes.  Sometimes, I even mix the trail mix with seed-based salad toppings for some creative flare.  Trail mixes are a filling snack with its abundance of plant-based proteins and fats.  I found that when I’m extra hungry in the evening or afternoon, a small handful of trail mix was enough to keep me satiated.

Charcuterie Board Without the Crackers

If you’re looking for something to munch on while enjoying a movie with a loved one, try a charcuterie board without carbs.  I recently purchased a new cheese board just so I can improve my charcuterie-serving capabilities.  Now, I select a mix of soft and hard cheeses along with olives, seeds and other sugar-free goodies for the board.  It is an excellent way to snack without feeling the sugar high afterwards.  The cheese and meats make you forget that you’re missing out on the crackers.