The Reading List—November 2021

In a blink of an eye, we’re nearing the end of 2021. Many of us are either busy wrapping up the semester of classes, planning our Christmas plans, wrapping up projects at work before the holidays, or whatever it may be! Whatever we may be doing, don’t forget to make sure to take some me time when you need it, whether it’s a nice nap or reading a good book! Here’s the recommended reads for November!

Christmas Cookbook by Betty Crocker

Since we’re only a month away from Christmas, many of us may already be planning small family plans. We all know food is an essential part of holiday celebrations! For me, I’m hoping to cook a meal for my family even though it’s only four of us, I realized I didn’t know how to cook many Christmas-like meals. I recently bought this book and started testing out some recipes in preparation for Christmas. I recommend this book to anyone looking for Christmas recipes as they have more than 200 recipes and lots of visuals. The recipes go from simple cookies to main dishes along with appetizers.

Freedom: How We Lose It and How We Fight Back by Nathan Law

November is Remembrance Day where we remember all those who sacrificed their lives for us so we can live in a free country. Lest we forget. I recently came across a book that I was inspired to read because it not only reminded me of the things, I should be thankful of living in Canada, but also because it also reminds us of all those who continue to fight for their freedom. Nathan Law is a lawmaker from Hong Kong and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his advocacy for pro-democracy. This book examines his journey as a lawmaker in Hong Kong, his experience with fleeing to London from Hong Kong, and more importantly, what freedom means and how delicate it can really be. I recommend this book to everyone interested in politics, democracy, and current issues!

The Stranger in the Lifeboat by Mitch Albom

If you’re following my monthly columns for the Reading List, you’ll know I’m a huge Mitch Albom fan. I always love reading his books because they help grow, learn, and become a better person. Albom’s books are so thoughtful and always bring the most positive things from stressful, unfortunate, and unprecedented events. This book is one of his new releases and the moment I found out about it I knew I had to read it! The book is a story about hope and faith, and how a group of passengers are on a ship stranded, they save a man they run across in the sea who declares that he’s the Lord and that he can save them if only they believe in him. Have you ever thought about what would happen if we asked for help and God appeared?

The Wish by Nicholas Spark

For anyone who hasn’t read any books by Nicholas Spark, you absolutely have to give it a try! His recent release looks at the coming of age with strong emotions written into each story. In 1996, Maggie was sent to live with a relative in a small town and she came across a young boy who changed her life by introduced her to a hobby that would later change her life. Fast forward to 2019, Maggie pursued her passion as a successful photographer, but she is unexpectedly diagnosed with a medical condition. A recommended read for everyone!

This Close to Okay by Leesa Cross-Smith

A story about a therapist and a man who tries to end his life and how their lives cross. Tallie the therapist saves the man who she later knows as Emmett. The story focuses on healing of their past and it turns out it’s not only Emmett that has his own secrets but also Tallie. The two work together to heal one another as they both face hard truths about their own lives. An inspiring and beautifully written story!

Happy reading!