Reward Yourself the Healthy Way—You Deserve It!

You’ve studied hard.  You’ve minded the kids.  You’ve worked an eight-hour shift.  Whatever you’ve done effort-wise, it’s time to give yourself a reward.  You’ve earned it!

But how does a healthy reward sound? Here are some not-so-lavish but super healthy ways to pat yourself on the back and bask in your achievements.  These are my favorite rewards.

Become a proud shopaholic on Udemy.

I can hardly wait until the end of a workday when I can go shopping on Udemy for courses that’ll benefit my work, education, or everyday life.  Yesterday I found a course on film production—a subtle delight I secretly tucked away in my shopping cart.

Eat your favorite fruit or veggie.

After a half day of work, I like to treat myself to an apple, orange, a bowl of frozen raspberries or mixed berries.  As I eat an orange, I like to dwell on the vitamin C content and how a diet high in vitamin C wards off cancers.

Visit a bookstore and indulge in reading for an hour.

I used to visit bookstores for up to five hours a day.  I became more of a consumer of knowledge rather than a producer.  In my case, I needed to reduce the number of book reading rewards.

But why not explore the bookshelves for what topic might strike you as fascinating? You might discover a hidden passion.  A book could also change your life’s trajectory in a way that brings you closer to your dream life.

Engage in loving-kindness meditation.

If I ever feel tension toward someone, I like to instantly send that person loving thoughts.  I’ll run through a list of everyone and anyone I can think of and say out loud, “I love you, Mom,” “I love you Cheryl,” and so forth.

The highlight is pushing yourself to feel intense loving-kindness for everyone.  When you do so, your body fills with wonderful energy.

Laugh out loud.  Find something that makes you laugh.

Before I make sales, I like to laugh hysterically for a few minutes.  By the time I get to the phone calls, my body is flooded with endorphins.  I love sales and the laughter is a big reason why.

Go for a walk outdoors, dance indoors, or do most any exercise.

I like to do light cardio or cycle using a desk cycle.  But intense cardio exercise makes most everyone “high” on endorphins after an hour.  And food tastes amazing after an intense workout.  Colors in the environment become more vivid, the senses heighten, and the face grows flush with beautiful pink hues.  Just look into the whites of anyone’s eyes after they’ve done an intense workout.  They glisten.

Join a club like Toastmaster’s or take a fun class.

I have three goals for 2022 when it comes to classes.  I hope to get Salesforce Certified, get a copywriting diploma, and acquire a sales associate certificate.

You might have a goal of getting a certificate at AU.  Why not complement your certificate with a side course or club membership that’ll give you an edge? After all, side hustles can make learning richer and more fun!

Regularly shop dream jobs on to determine needed skills.

It’s like shopping for one’s dream future.  If I acquire the latest skills required to be a top performer at my job, everything else just falls in place.  My brother, who earned well over half a million salary a year, tipped me off on this one.

Look up your dream jobs on and assess all the various skills you’ll need in order to be successful.  And then work toward acquiring those skills.  You have every potential to earn whatever salary you may desire.

Well, those are super healthy ways to reward yourself for all of your day’s efforts.  But, if you’d like a bit more decadence, then just remember, a sixteen ounce steak never hurt anyone.


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