Editorial—Here Come the Holidays

It’s a bit crazy to realize how fast the holidays are coming upon us this year.  Our next issue will be the penultimate issue for the year, that’s how fast it’s going.

Which means it’s beyond time that I start asking you for your opinions.  What do you think have been the best articles the Voice Magazine has printed over the past twelve months.   Which of our almost 50 comics made you grin?  What article made you the angriest? The happiest?  Which article did you read that made you go, “Huh. I’d never thought about it like that before.”

You can send your suggestions and ideas to me at karl@voicemagazine.org, because I’m starting to put together our annual Best of the Voice edition.  If you don’t remember exactly what article it was, that’s okay, just give me a general description and I’ll do the work of digging it up and seeing if we agree.

The Best of the Voice will be coming out on Jan 7th, and is a great way to look back at what readers and students like you thought was worth a second look.  Maybe it’ll be something you missed last time, or that great one that you’d forgotten about.  Or maybe you’ll find your own picks as one of the “Best Of” and be reassured that your tastes are obviously impeccable.

Of course, holidays mean there’ll also be a few weeks where there is no Voice Magazine, but considering that this year those days will land on Christmas Eve and New Years’ Eve, I expect you’re probably already going to be busy.

But that’s for a few weeks from now.  This week, we’ve got a great interview with a fellow student as our feature in our “Minds We Meet” column, but I also thought a couple of our columns stepped up this week into feature territory as well.  Be sure to check out this week’s Fly on the Wall, a continuation of last week’s exploration into silence, and, at least for me, this one hit as a good read.

Also this week, we’ve got another episode of our “Local Shout-Out”, but our intrepid writer has headed up north to provide us some local shout-outs to companies from Edmonton.  And if you’ve got a local shop in your area that you think deserves a shout-out for fellow students, don’t hesitate to send me a quick email about it.  I’m trying to put together a shout-out article that spans the country with suggestions of nifty local businesses to explore from fellow students in your area that you may not know about.  And you can help me by making one!

And hot off last week’s “The Reading List” for November, we pile on this week with the one for December, because hey, with holidays coming up, you might just have some extra time to grab a fresh book, and now you’ve got a couple of lists to pick and choose from.

That’s without mentioning our course review, advice articles, comic, events, scholarships, and more article by students like you, for you.  Enjoy the read!