Four Steps to Get Inspired for the New Year

It’s almost the New Year.  You now have this festive opportunity to set some New Year’s resolutions.  But don’t just make any resolution; make ones that inspire.

But what if you can’t think of anything cataclysmic?  There’s a goal out there that is perfect for you.  Perhaps it’s the dream so big you may have shied away from entertaining it.  Even if your goal seems impossible, it’s attainable.  It’s called the Law of Will!  If you will it, it will happen.

Think hard about what your resolution might be and then break it down into four steps: (1) vision, (2) goal, (3) strategies, and (4) feedback loop.  So, let’s get inspired with this four-step process of mapping out a truly meaningful New Year’s resolution

Step 1: Vision

Perhaps you see yourself working in a dream career.  You may have done personality tests to discover your ideal career.  And now you know what career you want.  But how do you get there?

I keep trying to quash my goal of earning six-figures, but it keeps surfacing.  My brother was nearing earning a seven figure annual salary.  And he’s now taking some time to groom me for six figures.  So, instead of going without a vision for the New Year, I’m running with it.  If that’s your vision, too, let’s get there together, through articles such as these and, of course, through the Law of Will.  (If you will it, it will happen.)

But if a six-figure salary is not your vision, think now of what grand dream you desire (within ethical bounds), and begin pursuing it.  2022 is your year to chase your dreams!

Step 2: Goal

2022 sounds like a good year to get another degree.  It could also be your year of top fitness and health.

For me, 2022 is the year of acquiring certificates and a diploma.  I know one fellow who owned a fitness studio and aimed to amass all kinds of certifications for his craft.  I truly admire his perspective.

My wealthy brother amassed skills, and I’m currently doing that as well.  I recommend you consider doing the same.  Skills will fast track you to any dream.  2022 is your year to dream!

Step 3: Strategies

I’ve acquired top fitness in the past, so I know it’s quite a different world.  Within about two years, I went from an anorexic who couldn’t run a few steps without wheezing to trying out for the university wrestling team.  Reading books on weightlifting is essential, as is getting a gym membership and working out five to six days a week for a minimum of an hour each workout day.  Eating protein within an hour of exercising is another strategy for building muscle.  I’d recommend also using a bicycle as a vehicle.  I used to ride even in the winter, but only when the snow was light.

Getting a certificate involves other strategies.  Hours and hours of daily study are essential.  Memorization tricks are helpful.  Essay writing hacks are beneficial.  But daily discipline is a must.

To succeed you need time, money, motivation, and perseverance.  (If you don’t have all these elements, you can create them.) Registering for the class is fun and easy, but six weeks later, the class becomes challenging.  Thus, it’s vital to map out your study schedule on a regular basis.  And adhere closely to it.

Step 4: Feedback Loop

The feedback loop would involve some system that makes sure you are on the right path.  The feedback loop needs to ensure you are studying, going to class, and doing your assignments.  Again, proper scheduling is a must.  It’s vital to take the time to break everything down into tasks on a regular basis.

Scheduling could mean getting out of bed by 8 am and committing to a 10 hour day of study.  Achieving set goals provides feedback that you’re on the right track.

The feedback loop may also include your grades for your assignments and essays.  It may include a coach’s advice.  It might consist of your tutor’s guidance.

Using these four steps, find a goals journal that contains a calendar and begin crafting the steps to realizing your grand vision.

Remember, you truly have no limitations except for the one’s you mistakenly place on yourself.

Show me a person’s soul, and I’ll tell you anything’s possible.

It’s 2022, your year to dream!