Vintage Voice

With National Cookie Day just passed on December 4, we got a craving to take a peek at what our Voices past had to say about that tasty little snack.

I’ll have what you’re not having.  Katie D’Souza offers advice on holding fast to your diet resolutions under the seasonal onslaught of baked goodies.  “Even if we avoid baking such delicacies, the tempting morsels still arrive from friends and family. Even the chocolate-bringing Santa seems part of the conspiracy!”  Health Matters – Just One More Christmas Cookie, December 24, 2010.

Spoiler alert:  the cookies win.  Deanna Roney wonders whether it’s better to use the bonus time accorded December 31 contract-end dates to study or to bake.  “There is nothing wrong with ambition and being self-driven; they are key attributes to success. But knowing when to pause is important too.”  Stop and Smell the Sugar Cookies, December 23, 2016.