Vintage Voice–Bonus Edition

The eruption of Mt Semeru on Indonesia’s Java island recently got us thinking about what The Voice‘s contributors have had to say about volcanoes.

Something is bound to get us.  Voice editor Karl Low reviews the web-based documentary and book, Dystopia: What is to be done?.  “To my mind, it feels too much like propaganda or a negative political campaign advertisement, hoping to generate and then capitalize on a fear-based emotional response—which is really too bad, because if you get beyond that and into the narrative, what Dr. Potter has to say is interesting and well-presented.”  In Review – Looking Toward Dystopia, March 11, 2011.  (Note:  the full documentary appears to be no longer available online, but the book is still available at

Volcanoes for tourists.  Tanja Ahlin shares her experience of a field-studies course in Costa Rica.  “Even though I sometimes still think the environmental situation is hopeless, I now know there are people who firmly believe the battle is not lost yet.”  Costa Rica – Behind the Scene, January 13, 2006.